Rocking  'Round  the Docs
                      Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration!    Are you collaborating? 
                This seems to be the major focus in classrooms around the country 
                these  days.   
                How are you building collaboration into your classroom?    Do your students
                work individually on a paper document, then exchange papers to provide
                feedback?   Do they need to wait to get their papers back from you for feedback?

                There is a better way!!   Google Docs to the rescue!    In this session, you will work 
                with Google Docs and some of the add-ons both my students and I feel are the best we
                have found so far.   
                Some of the uses for Google Docs include: 
                         Explaining mathematical reasoning and thinking.
                          Lab reports
                          Reading Summaries
                          Research reports
                       all aspects of the writing process
               This session is ideal for those who have been introduced to Google Docs and are familiar
                with the basics.     In addition to using Revision History  as a resource and management tool,
                you will also learn about and use:
  •         Grammarly  Spell Check and Grammar Check     

  •         Texthelp Study Skills.   Highlight, collect, and group the highlighted ideas either individually or with                            collaborative partners.  
  •         Doc to Form.   Change a document into a Google Form.
  •         MindMeister    Changes bulleted lists into a mind map.
  •        Draftback     A reverse engineering extension that allows you to play back each keystroke. 

  •           Tag Cloud Generator  
Laptops are preferred.  You need a Gmail account.  If you do not have one yet, you can easily sign up for one at this session, then proceed to Rock 'Round the Docs!

Rocking 'Round the Docs

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