FULL STE(A)M  AHEAD      DAY  2 
NGSS and STE(A)M emphasize a student focus in today’s Science classes.   Move from more of a teacher-directed focus to a learner engaged focus with the use of Google Apps: Docs,  Forms, and Sheets.    Let go and let the students collaborate and select  a research topic / experiment for their inquiry using Google Docs,  collect and organize data using  Forms, and analyze and share their data using spreadsheets and charts.   

 You will also get to "test drive" several real-time databases and a knowledge computation engine by the name of Wolfram Alpha.  Once you gather some data, you will then use several Google Apps as you work with your data  to arrive at your conclusions.   Begin the creative process here then turn it over to your students.    

Lists of resources will also be made available.
 https://goo.gl/msx0LY  Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.08.12 PM.png


1)  Welcome
2)  STE(A)M and Google Apps
     a) Docs
     b) Sheets
     c) Forms
     d) Teacher created vs. Student created
3) Get organized with folders.  Create a folder
4)   Correlation of 6 elements of STE(A)M  to Apps
5)   Minecraft and STE(A)M
6)   Real World data engines and Knowledge Computation
      Engine and test drives.
7)  STEM Activity practice.  Select from 3 different activity guides and follow along to recreate one of my STEM lessons using several Google Apps.
      a)  A reason for the Seasons: Comparison of variations
          in temperature and sunlight at various locations.
      b) Investigation of land and sea breezes.
      c)  Drought Investigation and personal action plan.

Some real life data search engines and a knowledge computation engine.