Google Forms.....Not Just For Surveys Anymore!!!      DAY   3

Google Forms... great for surveys. Math teachers love these. But, Google Forms have now morphed 
into more than just surveys. Learn how to use Forms to create reading response forms, interactive stories, 
self-checking quizzes, and more. Learn how to customize your Forms by adding your own headers and 
background details.   Personalize your Forms by subject area,  content theme, or to pique the interest
of students.  Get crazy and creative!!
Google Forms....not just for surveys anymore!

This session is for participants who are familiar with the basics of creating a Google Form.   Participants will  work with Forms to:
  • Change / customize the header, page background,  and Form background
  • Create a Google Form from document or reading assignment.
  • Create self-checking quizzes and quiz using Flubaroo
  • Attach images and /or video to a Google Form
  • Use a Google Form as a response to reading or reading log
  • Student Interest survey
  • Homework / assignment management tool.
  • Create rubrics
  • Google Add-on   Doc Appender
You will need a Gmail account and a laptop for this session.  

Copy of Google Forms....Not Just for Surveys Anymore!

Tutorial on Doc Appender-Melissa Hero